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Tools, Scripts and Datasets

  • ReCoin: A user script for adding relative completeness annotations to Wikidata. Developed by Albin Ahmeti in the context of the TaDaQua project (Video in Danish)
  • COOL-WD: A completeness tool for Wikidata. Developed by Radityo Eko Prasojo and Fariz Darari [O10, O13]
  • MAGIC: A tool for reasoning about the completeness of relational databases, implementing functionalities from [C1], and more. Developed by Ognjen Savkovic, Paramita Mirza and Alex Tomasi
  • dataset of about 2000 crowdsourced completeness assertions for YAGO and Wikidata.
  • Java script to calculate optimal recrawl frequencies [C6, O9]
  • GeoCompleteness: An (incomplete) prototype for showing reasoning about the completeness of geographic data [O4, O7]
  • Lookslikescanned: A website to make PDFs look appear like scanned